Saturday, May 1, 2010

Flushed Away

We had to flush away more then $200.00 to have a real plumber come in and fix our toilets.

We have four toilets in this house two of them were working so so, and two were not working at all. Jared and Dad had taken them all apart to try and figure out what was clogging them up and they could find not a thing. After putting them back together and having them work no better then they had been before starting the project, we decided it was time to call the plumber. They cam with the heavy duty gear. They fished around, had to take some pipe apart and pretty soon things started flying out socks, 3 of them, a wash cloth, doll clothes, crayons, the back to the remote control, etc.

We did not bother confronting anyone about the situation because before we could even get that far the guilty party, namely the kid who implicates herself with her standard phrases "I didn`t do it, and I do not know what you are talking about" had convicted herself.

Hanna, 12 year old kids do not do this kind of stuff!!

For everyone out there who thinks we have gotten wealthy with the subsidies that we receive from adopting special needs kids, I`ll let you in on a little secret, we spend that wealth on plumbers. Yes this kid will do this again so we will be flushing more money down the toilet.


  1. Not that it makes you feel any better, but $200 is about what we pay a plumber just to show up here in my neck of the woods.
    Not that any of my three kids ever flushed anything down the toilet; that's not how they roll, thank goodness.
    I seem to recall that there's a device that can be installed in toilets that prevents objects that don't belong in there from being flushed down the john. I'm not sure what it's called but you could probably find it by goggling or by asking someone at a plumbing supply store.

  2. Nobody gets rich off of special needs kids! I have an 18 year old you used to jam the toilet regularly. It has gotten much better since he is rarely home. We also replaced the toilet in the kids bathroom with a special one that has an extra wide neck :)