Thursday, May 20, 2010


I guess an update is probably needed here as I have been out of touch with the computer lately. It has been very busy around here and I just have not taken the time to blog. There is some unbloggible stuff going on and then there is everything else as well.

Trevor turned 21 the last day I blogged. He was busy clearing out the dorm and being a Marshall at graduation that day so there was no time for getting wasted just because it was legal. He is not that sort of guy anyway.

Rene` and Trevor are home so we have been busy going through clothes, toys, and generally cleaning everything up around here. It is nice to get these things done when the kid who stashes things away is at school and the one who could never throw away a broken car is out of the way.

Trevor is getting things together to go to Washington DC as he is doing an internship at the Department of the Interior. He had to get a security clearance, oh yeah we have been there done that with Rene` and the Navy. They have a hard time figuring out how you get siblings who are all the same age, yet they have different birthdays, explain, explain.

The end of the school year craziness is in full swing with field trips and parties. The routine is over and Hanna has gone bananas. I have to get PCA schedules in order for the summer. I also need to find things for them to do because every minute of every day has to be scheduled or there will be trouble. I also need to get the paperwork to hire a PCA who can take on some of the Hanna duties.

It is Paul`s last day of preschool and he is so excited about getting to stay home with mom. I am not sure if I agree with him on this point. He is a happy, fun to be around kid who has so much to entertain with, but sometimes this mom just needs a break from the chatter, business, and impulsiveness.

I am going on a 2 day escape from mom duty to spend time with Trevor and Karre. We are going to have a blast, swimming, shopping, eating pizza, and relaxing.

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