Friday, May 7, 2010

Sneakers +Tape = Trouble

Paul insists on taking the laces out of his shoes in order to get them undone. Eventually the little plastic thingy that makes it possible to restring the laces comes off. Well that is exactly what has happened to his shoe laces. I was trying to string the frayed ends of the string through that impossible little hole and it was not working so the resourceful mom gets the Scotch tape out and wraps a tiny piece of it around the end of the shoe lace. As I am doing this Paul is going completely bonkers.

"Stop you are hurting my shoe"!

Stop that is going to hurt, hurt, hurt my feet"!


I have no idea where he came up with all of this just because I was using a piece of tape in order to relace his shoe. Sometimes FAS/TBI brains just crack me up. Everyone else here thought he was losing his feet or something. You gotta laugh.

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