Wednesday, September 16, 2009

After School Storm

Bang, crash, papers torn to shreds, screaming, and an all out meltdown. That is how Hanna greeted me when she arrived home from school today.

Some of her "friends" had told her to do something at recess that was not appropriate and of course she did it anyway, then they laughed and made fun of her for doing what they told her to do. Besides that she had some how sneaked money to school which is a big no, no and even though she brought it home some of it is missing. I am pretty sure one or two of those great "friends" of hers has a little extra cash tonight.

To make matters worse her Dad had asked her about the money this morning and reminded her that she could not take it to school. She had directly lied to him telling him that she was not going to take it to school.

What bothers me about this whole mess is...
Hanna lied to her Dad
Some one at school should have been watching her at all times and could have stopped these kids or at least made it clear that their behavior is not acceptable.
Hanna directed her anger at the wrong people here, she should have been mad at the kids who made fun of her instead of kicking, spitting, and screaming at everyone here.
She brought the money to school in an attempt to impress these loser kids.

It is so difficult to be this kids Mom, she just can not learn from her mistakes and society can be so cruel and does not understand her.

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