Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Hours Already

The four early birds have been up and running for several hours already. I am ready for some sit down time but that is not going to happen.

Paul is playing with the vacuum cleaner. He claims that it is his buddy. I hope when he gets a couple years older and is told to vacuum that he finds that vacuum cleaner is his friend then. I do not know how well the vacuum likes being pushed around like a car. He has discovered that this car has a headlight and he thinks that is really neat.

Allen is being loud, turning the light switches on and off and coming over to give me lots of hugs.. I tried to get him to do something more constructive but he is not listening.

Lauren and Hanna are playing Monopoly. They were told to get the kid game but they did not listen so they are playing the other one without direct supervision. Guess what they are both cheating, nothing new there. Its just a matter of time before the game goes flying and the winner will be the one who cheats best.

Karre just got up and said "Mom do they act like this every morning"?

When I answered they did she mumbled something about being at swim practice, doing crunchers would be more peaceful.

In one more week three of them will be out the door, oh yeah!! I will only have the vacuum man to deal with.

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