Thursday, September 3, 2009

Oh No!!!

I am sitting here waiting for a phone call back telling me that I am going to have to take Hanna to the orthodontist yet this afternoon or maybe it will wait until morning. She just had a lot of wires put in her mouth two days ago and she has already gotten one of them completely off. This is going to be a long four plus years. You can tell Hanna a million times that she needs to stop picking at her mouth but it makes no difference, she will do it anyway. I know we will have to get this fixed yet this week because there is a long weekend ahead and we can not have wires sticking out of her mouth. I am not even comfortable leaving her unattended for one minute right now because she is likely to make a bigger mess of the mouth. She needs major amounts of medication on board in order to get any of this orthodontic work done so that means nothing to eat or drink for at least six hours, oh this is giving me a headache already.

I need to get Paul to his haircut appointment and get Lauren and Allen's mountain of stuff up to the high school as well.

Oh why is it so hard for Hanna to figure out that sometimes just following directions would make life so much easier?


  1. can they put some kind of a custom mouth guard over her braces? I hope you can find an answer to this because Andrew wants braces so he really may need them.

  2. I do not know what thay will do about this, but before the braces went on we did talk about her sensory issues and had decided that we would deal with it if it came up. It sure did not take long for it to come up. She is getting this work done at Gillette and they seem to be able to deal with these kinds of things pretty well. I will write more about this as we figure it out as I know there are other kids who have special needs who need orthodontic work done.