Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Elmo To School

Paul is a non-vegetable kind of kid, he just does not eat them so I spend a lot of time sneaking them into other things. He will drink V-8 Splash so his pediatrician said just let him drink that.

We have cherry tomatoes that Trevor planted for us. They have been providing fresh tomatoes every day for the past three months. Believe it or not our non-vegetable kid likes them. He has been eating two or three of them breakfast, lunch, and dinner every day. Lauren called them Elmos, which is what he calls everything that is red. The phrase some how stuck in his brain so that is what he thinks he is eating.

This morning he was getting ready to catch the bus. He was bringing his "I love you Elmo" for sharing time, (the one that all of the PCA`s can not tolerate at all because of that singing). He headed out the door with an Elmo (tomato) stashed in each of his cheeks, and hugging his other Elmo. I hope he chewed those Elmos up before the bus got the block and a half to school.

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