Monday, September 14, 2009


The silence is well, maybe a little overwhelming here as they have all gone to school. Yes, preschool starts today and Paul was more then a bit wound up this morning. He was fed, dressed, had his show-and-tell item, and ready to go out the door forty-five minutes before his bus was scheduled to show up. He talks constantly all day every single waking minute of the day he chatters and asks questions, so when he is gone my ears get a break. He has to bang on everything, slam doors, and drawers, and his little body is moving far faster then his brain is able to think. I have two hours and fifty minutes of this wonderful silence, I know preschool is like that, just long enough to show you what a good thing you will have next year when they go to kindergarten for the full school day. Yeah, next year I am retiring from being an infant, toddler, preschool mom. I have been one now for twenty-four years and I think I will be ready to end that career when Paul starts kindergarten next fall.

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