Tuesday, September 29, 2009

It`s Tuesday Again

Today I have to get as much of the laundry hung on the line as I can since the weather sounds like rain for a few days ahead. I like to keep that mountain of dirty clothes as small as possible. Then I need to feed Paul something for lunch and hand him over to a PCA for a few hours. Jared and I will pick Lauren up from school early this afternoon. Jared will go by his school to pick up his graduation things while I take Lauren to speech therapy. We are still working on communication devices. Then we will come home in time to quickly get some sort of hot dish into the oven for the gang. Finally Jared and I are going to the swim meet. He made a cake for the team. (This idea he thought up all on his own, I did not volunteer him).

That pretty much covers another Tuesday here. Hanna has had it stuck in her head that it is Tuesday everyday now for years. No one has been able to get any other days into her little brain. It seems that Tuesdays have been really busy lately. Maybe some of that chaos that Hanna so much craves is here to stay.

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