Saturday, September 19, 2009

Going For Pizza

It`s Saturday, September, and it will be eighty degrees or more here today. It is pretty warm for this time of year here and I am not complaining because the more nice days there are to send kids outside to burn off some of their energy the better.There will be fewer days inside when it cools off to figure out how to contain them. We will let them run until late this afternoon when we are going to meet Mike, Kari, and their kids and we are taking them out for pizza. We live quite near one another but do not get together often enough. It only happens when it gets put on the calendar, that is just the way things work out here. When I invited them for pizza Kari said something about are you sure we want to take the kids there. I figure it this way we will fill up that little restaurant with our group so they will be thrilled to be making some money. Our kids and theirs behave in similar ways so everyone at the table is used to it, and we can just give Hanna her meds three hours late on a Saturday so she should still be able to function pretty well. That is just about the best we can hope for at any social event with all of these FASD kids, and if one or more of them loses it so be it, we got to spend some time with friends in the process.

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