Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Pink Lunch Box

Hanna carries a pink lunch box to school every day since some lunch ladies (not all of them) seem to think that we do not feed her, when in reality she gets her fair share of food (and she eats a little hair and plaster for extra nutrition as well). The lunch ladies will feed her and as long as they keep handing over the food she will keep eating.

Anyway she had forgotten her pink lunch box at school yesterday so when she discovered this she was in a panic. She decided that she should just head back to school to get it. She insisted that she should go by herself. Hanna gets lost going around the block. She can not find a playground that is a block and a half away from home so she surely would never be able to locate her school at the other end of town. We had to keep an extra close watch on her to be sure she did not take off. When she gets to obsessing about things like this you can not get her to stop no matter what you do.

This morning I had packed her a brown bag lunch but she did not want to take it to school because it looked stupid and the lunch ladies would give her lunch anyway. Her Dad told her that she had better take that lunch or wait until dinner time.

I guess I will need to go to school and give them the annual DO NOT FEED HANNA speech because I am not paying any lunch bill when she already has enough to eat in the first place.
I wonder if that speech I give the lunch ladies every year is more effective then the signs at the zoo which read "DO NOT FEED THE ANIMALS"?

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