Sunday, September 6, 2009

Dads Turn

It was Dads turn to be screamed at, kicked, and spit at this morning as I had not even made it down stairs before the craziness began.

Yesterday Hanna was told that she could not have a bowl of Cheerios so she spit on them and then poured them back into the container. Since no one else wants to eat them, well a couple of people do not care, and we are not going to let them eat them.we had set the container aside for her to eat for breakfast until they are gone. Hanna wanted bananas, biscuits, toast, and anything else other then the cereal and Dad happened to be the one who said Cheerios or nothing. That is when she lost it. Hanna likes to be in control. She can be very bossy. When she talks if you are sitting down she will stand up and get into your face because it gives her a sense of being in control of you. It does not work around here as we will not listen to her or try and talk her through what is going on until she calms down, talks in a quiet voice, and sits down. That way we know she is paying attention to what is going on.

It is okay for someone else to have to put up with some of her garbage once in a while. It is usually me as I happen to be home more of the time. I know Dad can handle it. When Hanna told him that she was going to throw the Cheerios in the garbage he told her that he thought the garbage can looked like a pretty large cereal bowl. At least he got her to laugh after a couple of minutes.

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