Saturday, September 5, 2009

A Beautiful Saturday, Almost

It`s a gorgeous day, the sun is shining and it should be about eighty degrees outside before long. The last Saturday before school starts.

Jared came home to PCA this weekend so everyone went to the zoo, a picnic lunch, and a couple of other stops along the way. When they get back Jared wants to cook something on the grill so I will leave dinner to him.

I am home with little. or should I say BIG attitude. We went to the local dentist yesterday so that they could clip the wires hanging out of her mouth. We have an appointment Tuesday to redo all of that orthodontic work. They are planning to make her some type of retainer to try to keep things where they belong. I hope that helps. That means that she will be missing the first day of school. I am sure that she heard that as Dad and I were trying to get a plan of action in order to get everyone out the door, find someone to watch Paul so Dad can go to work, and get on the road by eight o`clock to get to her appointment. When she figures out that she will not be getting on the bus that morning there will most certainly be a complete meltdown. It is going to be a very loud hour and a half in the car. They will give her some heavy duty meds when we get there so that they can do their work and that will quiet her down for a while, but the noise will start all over again when the meds wear off on the way home.

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