Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The Yellow Bus Came

Oh yeah the buses were lined up in front of our house this morning and they picked up a dozen or so of the neighborhood kids and they also took along Karre, Lauren, and Allen. It is hard to believer but our not quite four and a half foot tall Allen Is a Freshman in high school now.

There were tears this morning, but they were not tears of joy from me, although I was pretty happy. They were Paul`s. He was very upset because his bus did not come. The Pre-K kids do not start school until the fourteenth. Trying to explain that to him just is not working. He says his bus is coming at " nine o`clock amorrow". I am sure there will be tears tomorrow and the rest of the week as well.

I spent most of my day with my buddy Hanna. We got all of the equipment replaced in her mouth. This is supposed to stay in there for six weeks. We have bets on it lasting maybe two or three days if we are lucky. They are making a retainer that should help but if she falls apart before that is ready we just start over again. I guess that they are used to doing this as they work with lots of kids who have special needs. Those people have more patience then I could ever manage. Hanna chose hot orange on her braces today so it looks like she has Cheetos on her teeth. She told me that she is going to try every color they have. She will actually have braces long enough to do that. They have forty-eight colors to chose from. She wants me to remember which ones she has already used because she can not remember stuff like that. I think I better write this down because I do not know if I can remember all of that either.

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