Monday, September 28, 2009

Military Mom Rant

In being the mom of eight ranging in age from four to twenty-four there are many roles to take on. One of them is being a military mom. Rene` enlisted in the United States Navy in August of 2003. She served four years active duty, most of that time out to sea or in places around the world where you really do not want to find yourself if you are an American. Since then she has been on reserve duty. I am not sure what she plans on doing when her tour of duty is up. It does not matter she is and has served this country well.

In a local news paper this week there is a complete section devoted to the local football team. They all have there pictures individually in there with information about themselves and the team. Why this paper does not devote this special treatment to all of the school teams including swimming, tennis, golf, etc, etc is beyond me. I have nothing against participation in such activities. My kids are in sports and I think it is good for them, but because they do not play football they are not treated as some sort of local heroes here. This football team is not special by any means, they have had losing seasons for many years. If there families had paid to have this section of the paper produced I would have no complaint, but they do not pay for this at all.

If I have not lost you yet and you are wondering how this football thing is related in any way to the military, well I will fill you in. In the mail the same day as the news paper arrived we go a letter from that same paper telling us that if we wanted to honor "our" veterans this November we could fill out the information, send them a photo, and pay $$$ to do so. Why should military families have to pay to honor Americas veterans??? Should not all Americans be honoring them since they are out there providing protection for all of us. There service is allowing ALL of us to live in this wonderful country with all of its freedoms and abundances. We sacrifice enough having our loved ones away and in danger as it is.

The priorities here are just a little bit messed up.

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  1. You are completely right, Cyndi. Priorities are terribly messed up. The media is a huge part of what needs to be fixed in this country. I hope you are letting your newspaper know that the free football photos and the $5 veterans photos is totally backwards!