Thursday, January 7, 2010


We have a couple of very confused kids running around here. About five minutes to six this morning we got the automated message that school would be two hours hate. For Paul two hours late means no school so that is easy enough to handle because he can understand what no school means. Two hours late for Hanna is another thing all together. She has no clue how long two hours is so she is in a complete panic and rushing through the routine so she is not doing things at all or doing them wrong. She was finally settled down, well as much as a Hanna can settle down. and then, you guessed it, they called school off for the entire day. Now I have a kid on my hands who thinks that I call school off, control the weather, and to top it off can not find anything to do without someone directing her all of the time. It`s a good thing that Rene` is still home on winter break. She will keep the kid busy. At the moment they are taking toys downstairs and I am guessing she will have them cleaning up their mess down there.

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