Friday, January 22, 2010

Still Steaming

I am still steaming and it will take a few days to figure out what to do next. The outcome of this certainly has an affect on Hanna, our family, and yes our American society as well so I want to get it right. This is the last piece to get in place and the process is unbelievabley exhausting.

The thing is that people are being paid to be in the loop here and apparently what happens does not matter in the least to anyone except Hanna`s mom and dad and her older siblings who have been working sooooo hard for forever to do what is best for her. Hanna herself has no clue what is going on and there simply is no way to explain it in terms that will stick in that very messed up brain of hers so we are not waisting our energy on that.

It will get done it is a matter of when? This mom will go however many rounds it takes to win this one for Hanna.

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  1. So sorry - I hate when evals/reports are SO off-base! My 7yo can talk the talk but not walk the walk - his verbal skills and typical (cute!) appearance mean his disabilities are invisible. Yesterday I completed a Vineland Assessment (by phone as this was the third time I would have to cancel if they insisted I come in!) for my guy. Don't know if you have already done this, but it assesses functional ability - a lot of Hanna's issues are similar to ours - hygiene, safety, basics.... ugh!! Yet no-one SEES them!! Anyway - this particular one assesses the child's FUNCTIONAL abilities (or DISabilities) - most of those day-to-day basics are assessed. I am waiting for the report (has to be reviewed by a neuro-psych doc first) but am hopeful that this will enlighten the school and others a little more - obviously repeating "he has brain damage and a mental illness, an IQ of 72" every IEP mtg has not worked so far!!! Sorry for your frustration - I hear you!!! Hope this might help someone!