Wednesday, January 6, 2010

We Are Back

We are back from vacation. We had a really great time. Everyone enjoyed those precious drama free days. We had only one behavior issue the entire time we were on vacation. That was when Allen decided to kidnap Paul`s Mickey Mouse and ran off to play tag with it. The abduction of the mouse caused Paul to scream. The mouse was retrieved in less then two minutes and we were back to peace and quiet. We had such a good time that Dad commented on the drive home that I need to figure out how to do this again. I will see what I can do with that one. If Hanna loses her PCA hours then it is notgoing to happen as there is no one who would be crazy enough to put up with her without pay. I will post some photos when I have more time.

I spent yesterday dealing with a water heater that was not working, I can not do much laundry or dishes without hot water. The plumber was called and he said that he would be over in about half an hour. That half an hour turned out to be one and a half hours. Of course when they figured out the problem they did not have the part on the truck so they had to go back to the shop for it. I finally got things rolling around here by mid afternoon.

While I was waiting around for the plumber I started going through the phone messages, emails, and mail. In the mail there was a letter that informed us that Lauren`s communication device has finally been approved. There are a lot of dead trees out there with the mountain of paperwork that went into getting that one done. Lauren will be one happy kid when that thing finally gets here. Now there are only four more things to argue with those people about, but I got lots of sunshine and swimming time so now I am ready to get back to work.

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  1. congratulations on Laurens device! Persistence finally pays off-I'll need you to remind me of that when our county gets involved again with Megan!