Sunday, January 17, 2010

Why Do They Do That?

I went to the store to get the usual things milk, bread, bananas, etc, etc. I also needed to buy band-aids as a kid of mine who really did not need them had used most of ours up. That would be Hanna who had one of her obsessions. I noticed that the boxes of band-aids had "band-aids" in braille on them. Yeah i had noticed this before but must have been in a hurry or had to much to think about to consider why they Braille those boxes anyway? Band-aids are the only things in the store that are labeled that way. Is is because the band-aid makers think blind people need to buy more of them then average people do? Do they do it just because it looks interesting and gives people like me something to ponder?

If they are going to provide braille labeling on products why don`t they do it in a manner that would be useful. Maybe they could braille the sell by dates on things like milk and yogurt. Maybe they could label the Cheerios so that blind people can figure out if they are getting apple cinnamon, banana, frosted, multi-grain, original, or chocolate (yeah they have chocolate now). Maybe they could put the sizes on the clothing tag.

On the other hand maybe this is just something that is not useful in the first place and they should not do it at all.

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  1. Yes, blind people need Band-aids more than sighted people do. Think about it.