Sunday, January 10, 2010

We Had A Stay At Home Weekend

Other then church stuff we pretty much stayed at home this weekend. Rene` and Karre baked two double batches of cookies. That was mainly because Rene` wanted to take some of them back to school with her.

All four of the girls got together and built a fort using the couch, love seat, chair, and lots of blankets for Paul. Jared found him a flashlight and he played in there for most of the afternoon. He even talked me into going in there and if he had not been jumping on me I might have even found it comfortable enough for a nap.

Karre and Lauren did their homework while I cleaned up the kitchen and the boys played WII. Rene` headed back to school a little bit ago. Trevor has already been gone for a couple of days because he had to get back early to teach a class for new RAs.

One last thing UND won both the hockey games against MSU this weekend. It was a pretty good weekend around here.

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