Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I just Don`t Know Anymore?

There is a kid out there who has a rather upset mom because of my kid`s behavior and I totally get it if that had happened to my kid I certainly would not be happy about it at all.

My kid is angry because once again she thought she was going to get away with something and of course Mom and Dad found out about it and there will be consequences even if she does not understand them and at this point I can not think of any that will get the point across to her.

And then there is me who is very unhappy because I KNOW THIS KID NEEDS SUPERVISION all the time, on the bus, in the bathroom, at lunch, recess, etc., etc.,and the people who are supposed to be helping with that are obviously not doing a good enough job of it and what irritates me most is that some how I am supposed to be able to fix it when things go wrong. Yet when I try to get help which will improve the situation a bit all I get is a report of how wonderful, perfect, and normal this kid is.

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  1. Document everything! Get all reports and diagnoses in writing. Build up your paper work arsenal and keep asking for the help your child obviously needs. If you get enough in your arsenal and you make the school system look at it often enough, my experience is that they will eventually give you what you want so you leave them along. I remember being very unhappy, because the school was not properly supervising and I was the one getting the phone calls. 27 years later, I am still documenting, still insisting on IEP meeting, but now I get more cooperation and when I insist a child needs more supervision,they get it.