Monday, January 25, 2010

No School Monday

There is no school today as Friday was the end of the quarter. It goes without saying that we have been up for hours already. Hanna of course is the one who just had to get everyone up. Karre just wondered downstairs with the dog in tow. She like everyone else here has been greeted very loudly by Hanna as she is on one of her rants about not wanting to be here, hating everyone here,she can take care of herself, do what she wants, make her own rules,etc, etc, and of course she is adding what sounds like some sort of air raid siren for extra loudness.

Lauren and Paul went downstairs to find something to do. If they have any brains at all they will stay down there all morning.

Allen is sitting on the couch yelling at Hanna to shut up and go away, which just makes her louderl

I am going to get some laundry going and clean up the kitchen mess from last night and tune her out. That is the plan of action at least for as long as I can take the noise. She wants someone, anyone to argue with her and that just is not going to happen. She already knows how we feel about her and she also knows that no matter what she does she is still a part of this family. It would be really nice if some how we could get it into her head that she is not going to be allowed to control us with this behavior.

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