Friday, January 15, 2010

Cute And Sweet Too

It was snowing
and blowing and
far below zero just after midnight when we decided that it was time to head to the hospital to bring this baby into the world seventeen years ago today. After two months of doing nothing but laying around and hoping she would stay put for just another week or so she finally decided that she had had enough and was ready for the world. Karre arrived weighing just five pounds shortly before 5:00 am, and she has been a cheerful morning person ever since. She still has the darkest, gorgeous, blue eyes around. She is very sweet, compassionate, creative, and has a great sense of humor too. She enjoys listening to music, and drawing. She is very good at working with her siblings who have special needs, well that comes naturally when there have always been kids with special needs in the home. Karre is our youngest birth child but she has never really been the youngest in the family at all with foster and adopted kids in abundance.

Karre is a junior in high school and has not made any for sure plans for the future. One day she going to go to college far away and the next she wants to take a few classes and stay here. She likes graphic art and working with textiles so the possibilities are many.

She is an easy kid to hang out with and she causes little trouble so sometimes she gets a bit lost in the crowd here but she has gotten really good at letting us know when she needs her own space. She did not ask for anything for her birthday, but Rene` and I had figured out that she really wanted an American Girl doll to add to her collection so we got that for her. I am glad that those things still mean a lot to her. I also made her favorite deviled eggs for dinner. I do not know what the thing is with eggs but she likes them made in many different ways so that is what we do on her birthday. When she was thirteen we made Easter eggs to celebrate and it was twenty below zero then too.

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