Monday, January 11, 2010


Since Dad and Jared were running errands for work I had asked them to pick up four gallons of milk and two dozen breakfast croissants for Allen while they were at Sam`s Club. I had asked for breakfast croissants you know those things that have eggs and sausage on them, the ones you find in the frozen section, and can be popped into the microwave for two minutes.

As part of Allen`s school day he practices making his own breakfast when he gets to school. His favorite thing to make for breakfast is those croissants so I figured that I could send a couple dozen of them and he would be happy for weeks. Allen has been eating these things for breakfast almost everyday for years so everyone who lives here certainly knows what I was talking about.

When the guys got home they had the milk, well how can you mess up getting milk anyway. They also had two boxes of large croissants. Now why would I send them to get those when I have a baker in the house who could make them if I wanted them? Jared calls them a pain in the butt to make so we do not have them often. Needless to say these will not work for Allen to cook at school so I guess that we will be having turkey and cheese croissants for dinner tonight. I will have to make a salad to go with them and run and get what I really needed in the first place some other time.

Jared says that I need to be more specific when I send them to get things but if I write them a list they leave it lay on the counter anyway so what would be the point of doing that? Sorry Allen, no croissants for a couple of days.

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