Monday, January 18, 2010

I Have No Problem

Hanna has been laying low around here, still getting into things but being pretty sneaky about it and for the most part no one has been dealing with the stuff. The stuff she has been doing is really dumb like chewing on her shirts, taking her clean clothes out of the closet and rolling them into huge balls that she thinks she is hiding in her closet, and picking apart a stuffed toy. She is so exhausting that no one wants to deal with all of this stuff all the time. It just is not worth the hassle.

Well today she ripped off a sweatshirt from someone at school so we have to deal with that. She has plenty of sweatshirts here and was sent to school wearing one. The one she took was ripped, stained, and much to big for her. When she was asked what she thaught she was going to do with it she said that she wanted it and really needed it and then she used her new favorite line, "I have no problem with it you do".

Well she has that correct I do have a problem with stealing anything and what makes it worse is that she has plenty of things and has no need to steal.

Also today when I went down to get some hamburger buns from the refrigerator they were for the most part eaten. What was left of them was stashed in the bottom drawer. I guess we are not having hamburgers for dinner tonight. Hanna does not have a problem with eating those either. Dad gets credit for being lazy and not locking the door to the room where we keep the refrigerator.

I guess it is all my problem, now what will we have for dinner? That is my problem too.

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