Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Hat

Even with all of the Hanna chaos and drama around here everyone else is busy with their own lives and it has been pretty much smooth sailing. Rene` and Trevor are busy with school and work, Jared got a job building boat motors, at least until they run out of parts,and he is working as a PCA in the evenings and weekends, Karre is well a teenager doing schoolwork and working for me, Lauren has been a really good kid lately (don`t tell her that or it might fall apart), Allen is being Allen, and Paul is still an adorable little busy body. Dad and I also keep busy at our work because it is never all done.

I was reminded of an event that took place while we were on vacation when Rene` emailed me the photos from her phone.

Grandma and Paul went out for a walk and since grandma can not live without her morning coffee and we had used all of the filters for the coffee maker they were going to buy some filters at the shop along the way. Grandma found the ones she wanted to purchase and gave them to Paul to carry while they finished looking around. Paul put the pack of coffee filters on his head and said they were his new " hat". He wandered around for several hours with that "hat" on. Now every time someone brews a pot of coffee I have this vision of Paul and his "hat" stored away in my head for a chuckle.

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