Saturday, January 23, 2010

That Is Our Hanna

Today at a baby shower for our PCA Angie`s adorable little boy I sat and visited with her mom for quite a while. She had been around for some time while Angie was keeping track of Hanna so she had been able to observe all that is involved in caring for her. She said something that is very true when one takes the time to think about it, she said "Hanna reminds me of my dad who had dementia and needed someone to be there all of the time to make sure he was safe and doing what he was supposed to be doing.

With the experience of her dad`s illness and that from working in a long term care center she probably has a pretty good understand of dementia and what is required to care for people who have the disorder. Hanna does have some pretty serious memory loss issues both long and short term, she makes poor choices, and is not able to take care of meeting her own physical needs. The difference here is that people who have dementia get progressively worse and Hanna will not. Now she gave me a way to try to describe what it is like to parent Hanna that may make the picture clearer, as least for some people.

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