Thursday, January 21, 2010

Why This Mom Is Nuts

I asked for help, stupid me. All I wanted was a real picture of what Hanna`s behavior is like so that we could proceed in a very long process of getting medical help with a complex medical issue.

What did I get ..."Hanna displays normal adolescent behavior and attitude".

Really now this is normal.

Hanna chooses to wear a tank top, Capri's, and flip-flops when it is twenty below zero.

Hanna does not wipe herself after using the toilet, flush, or wash her hands. She does not shower herself, brush or floss her teeth.

All three hundred sixty-five days of the year are Tuesdays.

Hanna does not know the difference between ten minutes, ten hours, and ten days.

Hanna puts her shoes on the wrong feet every day.

Hanna does not know why we have birthdays.

Hanna thinks that you go to Wal-Mart to get husbands and babies.

Hanna can not cross a street independently or find a play ground which is less then two blocks from home and it is one that she has been to many times.

Hanna is overwhelmed when there are more then two choices to consider.

This list could go on forever...

Now since when is any of this normal for a girl who is twelve and a half years old? This is the kind of stuff that makes moms who are parenting kids with special needs go nuts. I am only trying to do the right thing for Hanna and for that matter for our entire family and this is what happens.

I am going to let the steam all come out the top of my aching head and then I will have to regroup and try this again. It has been a very long day already.


  1. Wow. Who did that evaluation? Did he / she actually meet Hanna?

  2. This is coming from someone who see her five days a week...

  3. Sometimes, experts in the system are so far out there, you don't know whether to cry or laugh. The hard part is after reading that drivel, you have to pick your self up, and start the search again for someone who knows what they are talking about and can give both you and your child useful support. I have 2 adopted FASD and Bipolar children and I have been there. I am trying to adopt another FASD, Bipolar child who we have had custody of since she was 4 months. She is almost 7 and we filed the court papers yesterday. So far, the search has been easier the third time around.

  4. What you describe isn't within shouting distance of normal. Whoever said it is must have been huffing paint thinner.