Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Pop Tart Battle

Yesterday was loud, mixed up, and long. That is the way it is when things are not on schedule.

Karre was supposed to go out to dinner with her friends and then they had planned to walk around the mall for awhile to celebrate her birthday which was ten days ago. The weather was getting bad so when Jared came home from work she asked him if he would drive them and she said that she would buy him dinner in exchange. He told her that there was no way he was going to drive so I guess the roads must have been pretty bad because he usually does not turn down an opportunity to drive with free food as well. The weather has disrupted Karre`s birthday plans many times over the years. Now that all four of these girls have jobs and all four of them are very involved in school activities it becomes a major task to find time for them to get together. That is the breaks of having a winter birthday.

Today is starting out much like yesterday as school is running two hours late and there is no pre-school. Hanna literally ran me over trying to get the last Pop Tart before her sister could get it. The Pop Tart is now mine. I will give it to Paul when they are gone. Now we have a screaming fit that I like Lauren better. How is that since she did not get the Pop Tart either? This kid has no logic. I will just have to protect the other kids until the bus rescues me all because of a stupid Pop Tart. I will not be buying those for a lloooooonnnnnggg time.

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