Monday, August 31, 2009

Still Our Little Girl

Even though she has been all grown up for several years now Rene` is still our little girl. She came into this world more then three weeks before she was expected and has been running full speed ahead every since. She got to be the first for everything good, bad, and all that is between. When God created her he sure did know what he was doing because she has been the kind of kid that would do well even when her parents have no experience. She graduated from high school voted "most responsible student" by the teachers and staff at the school It is always good to have someone who is very responsible be the "big sister" to so many. She entered the United States Navy before her eighteenth birthday. Doing so at such an early age meant that she had to get her parents to sign for her. We only did so because we knew that she had thought this through long and hard so we gave her the opportunity to work harder and longer than most people ever do, to learn faster and more then she could have dreamed possible, and to carry the responsibilities to serve and protect our nation as she traveled around the world. While she remains in the Navy on reserve statue she is now pursuing a masters degree in occupational therapy.

Keep being the organized, hard working, caring, responsible person you have always been, and add that bit of sarcasm that comes around now and then too. Happy Birthday Rene`and maybe take a short break from anatomy to celebrate today, the bones will still be there tomorrow.

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