Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Broken Wheels

Even though Lauren is the most ladylike, gentle teenager around her wheelchair has gone through a lot. Wheelchairs just acquire damage over time with lots of use and they need to be adjusted with the growth of kids. It is now time to make several repairs and adjustments to Lauren`s wheelchair I called the medical supply company which we have been working with for many years now to request the needed parts and labor. They can not order the parts as this company is not current on paying the manufacturer of the wheelchair equipment. Now what do I do? We chose this particular company because it has an office near Gillette Children's Hospital where Lauren is seen on a regular basis. It also has a location in a town about ten miles from here. The medical team wants the wheelchair people present when they do seating evaluations so that everyone is on the same page in getting the needed adjustments and equipment. (We have done this evaluation once without them present and the outcome was terrible). If I find another company located here we will have to pay for them to drive to the metro area for these evaluations as the insurance will not cover this. If I find one that is located in the metro area then we will have to drive there every time she has a breakdown with her wheelchair. Just having a flat tire would be a breakdown.

With all of this going on the wheelchair will not be ready before school starts so that creates a situation where Lauren will have to use her power wheelchair all of the time and that wheelchair can not be transported in any other vehicles then my van and the school bus. That means that PCAs will not be able to take her to the mall and other such places. This is going to require some thought and planning from Mom.

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