Friday, July 17, 2009

What A Mess!

Jared is moving into his own place so he has been evicted from his room, which is now going to be Hanna`s room. His room is always a disaster, I mean he is by far the most unorganized, messy person in our family. When emptying his room we all pitched in because he would never get the job done. We found homework from seventh grade which he had done and not turned in, nine nail clippers (he must have the most beautiful nails in the world), and four pair of scissors that I have been looking for. We also found the usual assortment of clothes, CDs, shoes, and garbage, enough to fill the trash can which usually contains all of our garbage for a week.. The mess is now cleared out and Hanna has a nice clean space of her own. When Jared decides to move out of his place he will have to clean out the mess himself or he will not get his damage deposit back. Now all we need to to do keep Hanna from collecting junk.

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