Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Twelve Today

Here is Hanna with her favorite princess Cinderella. I have no idea why she likes this princess better then the others other than she likes to watch the movie whenever she can.

Today is Hanna`s 12th birthday. With her behavior being so crazy lately we are keeping this celebration very low key.

Hanna has been our "little girl" for more then four years now. That is what her Dad calls her because she is the youngest of the girls. Hanna has no interest in being the little girl. It has been a journey of extreme ups and downs with Hanna in our family. She came as the little girl who loved to laugh, run, play, get into everything and try everything. She has these gorgeous brown eyes that just light up when she is really happy and the most original giggle too. She has energy to burn at all times. She loves to draw, paint, color, and make things with foam art. Most of the time she makes the same things over and over again, and that is okay as long as she is happy doing it. Now that she has gotten older there is far to much emotional stuff to deal with. It is really difficult to help her deal with the trauma, chaos, and abuse that she endured in her early years. She has lived a life that no child ever deserves to live. I am not sure how or when she will come to terms with all of this. As her Mom I just hope that some day she can be at peace with it. I want her to be happy with who she is. I want her to learn that there are people in the world who are there to help her and take care of her. I hope that she can some how understand that she is worth all the trouble that we have gone through as a family for her. More then anything else I hope that she can come to understand that she is so VERY LOVED.

Today I with you the happiest of birthdays Hanna. You will always be our little girl !!

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