Friday, July 3, 2009

Crazy Again

It has been way to calm around here the past few days. There have been the usual arguments and one tattling on another, but no meltdowns. Our meltdown queen is back at it again. There just was not enough chaos around here for her liking so she had to stuff her mouth to overflowing and fill her cup so that you could not get even one more drop of milk in it. She was told to slow down or leave the table. She started throwing food and screaming at everyone. She is now in her room throwing things and I am sure she will destroy several of them. We just let her do her thing up there for as long as she needs to,there is nothing else to do with her when she is acting this out of control. Unless she is hurting herself or someone else we just let it go. I sent Trevor and Angie as PCA`s to the pool with Lauren, Allen, and Paul so that they won`t have to listen to this for an hour or two. Hopefully she will calm down or her meds will kick in sooooooooon as this tries my patience. I am a very patient person, too.

The trouble with this behavior in a child who has FAS is that when she calms down she will have no clue as to why she did any of this. She will make up some story that is completely off the wall and she is NEVER sorry for anything she does. You just can not reason with this kid!!!

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