Monday, July 27, 2009

Singing In The Kitchen

Hanna is up the her usual "I am not going to cooperate no matter what" behavior this morning. We have been having her remain in the dinning room so that some one is always able to keep track of what she is doing. That is a Central location with someone there almost all of the time. If we let her go else where then she is pulling the hair out of her head, making holes in the wall, tearing her clothes apart, picking at her skin until it bleeds, or some other crazy thing. Having her destroy herself and anything that is around her is getting really old.

So this morning she is sitting there on the chair singing. SHE CAN NOT SING, it sounds like some sick animal that is in complete misery. Allen is also singing and he is no better. He is copying her just to make her go nuts and it is working very well. I am not sure how long I can listen to this nonsense. I think I will go hang laundry on the line and let someone else enjoy the tunes for a while.

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