Saturday, July 18, 2009

Meet Apple-Bottoms

There are several baby dolls here that have been loved and cared for by many, many kids over the years. Some kids like Hanna like to either have them dressed in some miss-matched garb or or completely naked. They are almost exclusively female. The only name given to them is Princess Rachel, that is what Hanna names all stuffed animals, Groovy Girls, Barbies, or baby dolls. (I have no clue why she thinks this is the name they should have) This one however, has been around for more then twenty years. It has always been considered a boy and he actually has boy clothes. Allen has now claimed him so he is being dragged around by the feet, drooled on, and much loved. When Allen claims a toy he will play with it until it falls apart and Mom secretly sends it to the trash. Anyway this little guy can not be Princess Rachel that is one thing everyone here agrees upon. Trevor decided that we needed to go " Hollywood" and give this baby a rather interesting name. He decided on Apple-Bottoms and it has stuck. I hope that Apple-Bottoms is a name that only baby dolls in our family get, it`s cute for him but I sure would not want to be the little boy in second grade with a name like that.

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