Tuesday, July 7, 2009


That is what I am going to label the next few weeks around here. We have all eight kids at home this summer so it is really busy but I really like it when they are all here. Between August 10th an 22nd the three oldest ones will be moving out again, Rene` and Trevor will be back at college and Jared will be working in an internship position. We have five kids bedrooms here and over the years these eight kids have shared with one another as well as all of thr foster kids who have come and gone. Who shared with who depended on a number of factors including age, sex, temperment. Now Lauren and Hanna are sharing a room and it is time to split them up as Hanna is to aggressive and I am not feeling comfortable in knowing that Lauren could get hurt. She does not have the physical ability to defend herself. When the big kids leave the five who remain at home will all have their own digs. We have enough beds so that the bid kids or grandma can visit as well. Jerry claims that we run a hotel here. The kids are very excited about this room restructure, except for Hanna who claims she is scared without Lauren. Since Hanna views Lauren as someone that she sees as her protector Hanna should consider being a little more gentle and kind to her, It is time to wash everything, paint one room, and get rid of stuff. Our church is having a large garage sale for charity so they will get a load full.

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