Friday, July 31, 2009

Full Speed Ahead

Our household is in high gear this week. We have done some back to school shopping (mostly the college kids), washed some windows, hung curtains, put up with some Hanna behavior, and more.

The weekend does not get any calmer.

Karre is heading up north to spend the weekend with two of her friends at one their grandparents cabin. They have done this before and had a blast. The grandma enjoys entertaining the teenagers and cooking for them (as Karre puts it) some rather interesting meals. They will read, as they are all readers, talk, swim, and mostly giggle. The age of pure carefree days.

Some of us are moving most of Jared`s stuff up to Duluth where he has been very lucky to find a paid internship. Most of his friends are working for free. Before we leave we need to go to the church garage sale and look for some kitchen chairs so that he will have some place to plant his behind at the end of a long days work. This is the kid who has purchased more then four hundred movies, and nearly a hundred video games. I think that he should have saved a little of that money for the things that he needs now. if he can`t afford the chairs then I guess he will have to use the floor. Maybe moving out will teach him something about real life.

Rene` is staying home with the less then helpful crowd. I have no idea what she has planned but I am sure that she can handle it.

One more exciting thing is that Mike, (Kari`s husband) is going to work on our floors. He is the carpet man and we will stay out of the way and let him do his thing.

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