Monday, July 20, 2009

The Storm

That is Hanna right now. She is a thundering around like a tornado out of control. It had been a very calm day here until about a half hour ago when I asked her why she had been pulling her hair out of her head again. Rather that talk about it she went into total meltdown mode. When she gets like this there is no way to reason with her and you had better stay out of her way because she will hurt anyone who happens to get in her path of destruction. I know that you can not ask her questions about her behavior when she is raging, but I had asked the question when she was calm and did not expect her to totally lose it, I just wanted her to acknowledge that she had been doing it. Even when she is calm her reasoning skills are very poor but when she is raging we don`t even bother to try and get through to her as everything just goes right over her head. Tomorrow when I ask her about what happened she will come up with some dumb thing like I don`t like pop cicles or the dog stinks. None of this has anything to do with her behavior. It all gets a little frustrating when I do not know if she does not understand what we are talking about, (I clearly feel that she does know what we are talking about here) she forgot what had happened,(she does have some pretty severe memory issues) or she simply does not want to deal with the issues. At this point we will be listening to her screaming, and throwing things until her meds kick in and that takes hours in her case. We have a storm for the evening. I just wish it were simply a good old rain storm instead of this nonsense.

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