Sunday, July 19, 2009

Out WithThe Girls

Last week was one of those that could make any mom crazy with all of the appointments and stuff going on,but I did not lose it altogether because I had two days to spend with my two older daughters. They sure would not be special days for most people but I enjoyed them. These are intelligent, hard working, cooperative, have fun young ladies so we could hang out and get a lot accomplished at the same time. One day we ran errands including ordering flooring, picking up paint, and buying groceries. The second day we painted Karre`s room. The four younger kids were being looked after by several PCAs for both days. It was very nice to shop without an anxiety attack from Hanna, chasing Paul out of everything, dealing with helping Lauren with this and that, and getting Allen to move it along so that we could get things. done. We did take time to go out for lunch one day and met up with one of Karre`s friends for a couple of hours, too. We got the entire room painted Underwater Adventure (bright teal) without once having to stop and take care of a kid. These days are few and far between so I enjoy them when I can.

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