Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Dads Trip

Everyone has an interest or two which they enjoy. My husband is into baseball and NASCAR. I can follow baseball with him pretty well, but when it comes to NASCAR I haven`t got a clue. Jerry watches the races and keeps track of the points for the drivers. I have chosen one driver, just because he has a nice name, he never wins so they all laugh at me. Maybe some day they will be surprised and he will at least finish in the top five. For the past two years the kids and I have been saving so that he can attend a race. Rene` and Jared flew to Daytona Beach Florida this morning with their dad so that they can take in the action at the Daytona Race Way on the Fourth of July. They will spend a couple days relaxing at Walt Disney World too. I hope they have a great time!! Dads and older siblings need a break from the daily drama some of our kids provide. Don`t worry about me here as I have Trevor and Karre to help me hold down the fort.

I can handle this better then the dead deer that my friend Kari gets to deal with.


  1. Next time we get together Chuck and Jerry will have to talk NASCAR. Chuck is a fanatic and will be so jealous when I tell him where Jerry is! Who's your driver? I've had one for ages and he doesn't do all that well either. Michael Waltrip. He's just a cool guy and funny.