Monday, July 13, 2009

This and That

I have not blogged for quite some time becasue blogger is being stupid and will not let me on my blog but I can read other people's blogs. Also it has been really busy around here.

I have a total of four medical appointments for kids to deal with this week. There are also four therapy appointments. Today I was at Gillette Children's with Lauren as she had an orthopedic appointment. The curve in her spine has gotten worse but not yet bad enough to require surgery at this time. She now is going back to physical therapy for eight weeks, oh what fun that is!! We also had some adjustments made on her AFO`s (ankle foot orthotics). Tomorrow she is having some major repairs made on her wheelchair. She is also in speech therapy this summer to work on an assisting communication device so that she can communicate with people who are unable to understand her very distorted speech. I We are always doing some type of medical procedure or therapy with Lauren. She falls apart all of the time

Hanna has a medical appointment tomorrow which is much more of a hassle then taking Lauren. Hanna is screaming as soon as she figures out that we are heading for the clinic. By the time we get there she is so worked up that there is no way to calm her down. We have to get braces on her teeth yet this summer which will be an event where Mom will be needing some extra extra strength Tylenol or something.

Then Paul has therapy which is every week times two.

I am trying to get things done around home as well. We got Paul`s room completely cleaned and put back together. Hanna's is done except that I need to hang the curtains. The rest of the place looks like a disaster but when cleaning it gets worse before getting better.

I don`t know when the mess on my computer will get straightened out and since I do not like this laptop of Rene`s I don`t know when I will get back to regular blogging. I kind of miss it though so I hope the problem gets fixed soon.

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