Sunday, August 2, 2009

The Man House

We went to Duluth and moved most of Jared`s stuff into his new place. It is an okay place for a single guy, but it has far to many steps to climb in order to get anywhere for Mom. There is way to much seventies panelling on the walls as well.

He is already learning the cost of independence. As Trevor went into the kitchen to do something Jared hollered at him, "hey Trevor make sure you turn that kitchen light off when you are done in there. That is costing me money you know"! It sure did not take long for real life to sink in for him.

Rene` survived with Hanna, Lauren, and Allen here. They did LOTS of laundry and cleaned the kitchen too.

Mike got the floors done and they look great!! I can get my furniture cleaned and put back where it belongs. I can reclaim my house. I am really excited about that.

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