Thursday, August 13, 2009

Another Day In This Life...

This morning Hanna and Allen had dentist appointments. Hanna needed her teeth cleaned before the big braces on event nest week. Neither one of them had any dental work to be done which is super news. Allen has never had any cavities and lets just keep that record going forever and ever as it would be an awful lot of work to try to do anything with his teeth.

After the appointment we ran two very quick errands and then came back to town to eat lunch before going home. We just had to go to the DQ for treat day. This is where Hanna completely fell apart

She was pouting and then crying and by the time we got to the car she was screaming at the top of her lungs. I told Allen to sit in the front seat (where he rarely rides) because I did not think that it would be safe for him to sit in the back of the van with Hanna. She refused to sit down and put her seat belt on, then she grabbed onto the head rest of the seat in which Allen was sitting and would not let go. She was screaming in his ears which really bothers him as it is noise over load for him so he started screaming too. Karre was not going to drive the van with Hanna out of her seat and the seat belt on so we sat there in the DQ parking lot for awhile and let her scream. I was thinking all the while that somebody in this very crowded parking lot is going to call the police. If they had come they would have gotten a real show of what a kid with RAD and FASD can do every single day.

When I knew that Allen could not take this noise any longer Karre and I got the seat belt on and got Hanna some what sitting on the seat. In the process Hanna bit Karre, pulled her hair, and spit on her. I had to hold her there in order to keep her in the van all the way home.

My guess is that Karre will not be to excited about taking Hanna anywhere for quite a while.

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  1. What kind of mother are you?? Can't you control your own kid?!

    Ok, having a hard time keeping a straight face with that one, but you can't see it. This IS MY LIFE. And I always think the people in the parking lot are thinking those thoughts. I'm so sorry. I do hope that it doesn't affect you like it does me. I am getting better, but it's been a process. And poor Hanna too. Our kiddos don't like to go through that any more than we do. I don't know much about Karre, but she's a trooper. Hang in there.