Monday, August 3, 2009

What Will She Think Of Next?

Hanna comes up with the strangest things. I do not know where she gets this stuff from. For a person who has so much trouble doing every day things she sure can think up dumb stuff

Rene` had reported that Hanna had been picking her nose over the weekend. She had done it to the point where she had given herself a nose bleed. That created a problem since blood sends her into hysterics.

This morning when I saw her picking her nose I asked her what the heck she was doing.

Hanna`s reply, "you told me that I can`t pick at my fingers and chew on them because it hurts me and looks bad, so I am picking my nose because you did not tell me to stop that and I don`t think that it looks bad either".

I guess I have to be more specific when telling her not to do things as she can not figure out for herself that picking her nose is bad. It may even look worse then picking at her hands.


  1. We have the same "picking at fingers till they bleed" problem, and in the warm weather, short-sleeve season, our daughter picks at spots on her arm till they bleed, too. Aarrgh - telling her to stop doesn't sink in, either. But then she was already picking her nose, so I guess there's nothing else for her to do.

  2. Yep, you have a concrete thinker there!