Monday, August 24, 2009

Energy, Lots Of It

There are two people in our family who have more energy then they need or can handle. Hanna and Paul are those two. Most people would say they have ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyper-Activity Disorder). I would agree in part because they are very busy, but the cause of this busy is FAS.

Its the impulsive throwing toy cars into the kitchen sink as Mom tries to wash dishes.

Its the just shutting the door, SLAM with the brother`s fingers in the door.

Its the rocking in the rocking chair so hard that it is slamming into to the wall over and over again.

Its the pouring the juice into the cup and then keep pouring and pouring even though the cup is over flowing all over the table, yourself, and the flour.

Its the many hugs every day that are far more then hugs. I love you crash, pinch, scratch.

Its the chatter, chatter, chatter that does not stop all day long.

I am killing the spider with the shoe bang, bang, bang, wow that spider has been dead for at least ten minutes already and the shoe is still banging on it.

It is impulsive, repetitive, non-stop, I am not aware of how loud and strong I really am and I am not aware of the affects my behavior is having on others. type of thing. I would really like to be able to store all of their energy and save it for them so that they could do something useful with it some time in the future.

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