Thursday, August 27, 2009

Hanna`s Birthday Meal

Usually Hanna grumbles and complains about everything we have to eat except deserts and junk food. Tonight I served Tater Tot Hot-dish for dinner. For anyone who is not very Minnesotan Tater Tot Hot-dish is ground beef, vegetables, and condensed soup mixed together and topped with Tater Tots. I do not make this very often because the four older kids do not like it at all. Two of them will not eat it and the other two will swap food so that the one who likes the Tater Tots has all of them and the one who likes the vegetables has them. Better yet they will give theirs to one of the younger kids and make themselves something different after everyone has cleared out of the kitchen. Well anyway we had the Tater Tot eaters here today so I made the stuff.

Hanna says "Hey can we have this stuff for my birthday"

Hanna`s birthday is eleven months from now so she is sure thinking ahead.

Dad replies "I thought that you wanted fish for your birthday"?

That is the one other healthy food that Hanna likes. No one has a clue why she likes fish but she does.

Hanna thinks for a couple of minutes and then she says "could we have this stuff and mix fish in it too"?

Everyone at the table "Oh yuck, that's gross, Ochy, no way. and Lauren ,the stomach of steel who will eat ANYTHING says "I`ll come to your birthday, Hanna. What are we having for desert"?

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