Saturday, August 22, 2009

For About Ten Minutes

Yes, for about ten minutes this morning it was actually quiet here.

Rene` left for college this morning, good luck with anatomy!!

Jared is learning that bakers get up very early in the morning and they spend lots of hours getting all floured up before the work day is finished.

Trevor is busy as an RA (residence hall assistant) moving all of those, never lived on their own freshmen into the dorms. He has to give each of them the zero tolerance talk about drugs and alcohol on campus and then get them to sign a form stating that they understand and will follow the rules. Then he will spend the next nine months busting them when they break those rules. That is his kind of job and according to his boss he is very good at it.

Karre is at swim practice, yes on Saturday too.

Lauren is out with a PCA doing what she does best, being a princess.

Allen, Hanna, and Paul were watching cartoons with Dad down stairs.

It was quiet so I had turned the radio on and I could actually here it for a change. I was cleaning up the kitchen and trying to figure out what to make for lunch.

Then the crazy started. Hanna came up screaming and hollering that they would not let her watch what she wanted to so she was mad. The truth is that she had already gotten a turn to choose a cartoon so now it was Allen`s turn and she did not want to watch what he has chosen. Now we will get to listen to this nonsense for the rest of the day.

Oh well one can only endure so much peace and quiet, at least if you are a member of this family.

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