Monday, August 31, 2009

Free Time Trouble

The time that most people spend just enjoying life and all of its wonders such as listening to music, strolling along a path leading to nowhere, or just sitting down to catch your breath is the time when Lauren, Hanna, and Paul get themselves into the most trouble. They do not have a clue what relaxing is all about. They need every waking minute of their day with something scheduled. Never tell them to just go find something to do because if you do :

You will find the cute little face of Paul covered with black permanent marker.

You will find Hanna chewing her clothes up, pulling her hair our, or eating chunks of plaster board from the hole she has picked in the wall.

You will find Lauren screwing up the computer so bad that no one can use it for a week while we wait for the repairs to be made.

You will find all of the dresser drawers empty.

You will find the tooth paste creating some wonderful design all over the bathroom floor.
You will find the contents of Mom`s purse in the clothes dryer.

It is exhausting to try to have enough things scheduled throughout the day to keep them out of trouble. This is a considerable issue since they all have very limited attention spans. Do you have any idea how many games of Uno can be played, how many pictures can be colored, how many Lego towers can be built, how many foam art projects can be completed, along with the daily chores, and whatever else Mom can dream up to do everyday. We go to the park, play outside, go to the library, take the play dough outside, have picnics, etc, etc and there are never enough things planned in the day to keep them from getting into trouble

I can not wait until school starts next week so that someone else can find things for them to do for at least a few hours of the day.

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