Friday, August 28, 2009

School Schedules

For the most part I do not have to worry about the schedules for classes because all of the kids are in special education for a majority of the time and we work those schedules out at the end of the previous school year if possible. Now I will need to go to school to advocate for the one kid who is in the regular classroom all of the time. Karre got her schedule and she was placed in three of the six classes that she had requested. There were also five alternative classes listed and she did not get any of those either. How does that work when they send this very large packet of material out is February of the previous school year with instructions of how to work as a team and register the kid for the things that will be most likely to benefit them and also meet the requirements for graduation. Now Karre has met all of the requirements for graduation plus a few extra so I am not worried about her graduating but I am concerned when they just put a kid in classes that they are not at all interested in such as publications and key boarding. This kid is very creative and interested in art and design so the elective classes that we had chosen for her were photography and art history. She has enough credits so that she could just have another study hall which is a waste of time, but the school only allows one study hall a day except for students in special education. Since Karre does not particularly mind taking six classes a day we will not try to push that button. We will attempt to get her in some classes where she can learn something that she is interested in. The second semester class schedule does not look any better. There is a class that she needs to take so that I can hire her as a PCA. This class really has nothing to do with the job but it is required in order to hire her before she turns eighteen, which I would like to do as she is more then qualified for the job in the first place.

There is one other matter that needs to be figured out as long as I am spending the whole day in the school office. I finally got an actual printout of Karre`s grades from forth quarter last year. In one of her classes she got an A- third quarter and a B+ the fourth quarter and for the final grade in the class she got a C-. Now I am not a math Major or anything but I do know that an A- and a B+ do not average out to a C-.

The craziness that a parent has to deal with never ends does it.

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